Why Does Leadership Development Training Matter

A Gallup report discloses that a manager accounts for around 70% of engagement in a team. If you want a productive team, hire better managers or improve their management skills with effective leadership development training programs.

People do not leave an organization, they leave a manager. In the modern world of work, where employers encourage remote working, the way leaders manage people matters even more. A good manager brings all members of a team on a common platform to achieve goals. Without effective leadership, everyone moves in different directions and reaches nowhere. And, in the competitive business industry, organizations cannot waste their resources and time going nowhere.

It is where a leadership development program comes into play. It helps managers improve their skills and learn new ones. Today’s businesses understand the importance of leadership development, which is why companies spent more than $370 billion on leadership training in 2019, as per the Training Industry.

Why should an organization spend on leadership development? Here are some reasons:

Learn New Leadership Skills

Modern-day management is different from the traditional one. Today, all managers do not have their team members under a common roof. Some are coming to the office, while others are working from home. In such scenarios, it becomes challenging to stay connected with each of them and ensure that they are on the right track to meet organizational goals.

An effective program infuses a manager with leadership developing abilities to manage both in-house and remote workers efficiently.

Put Learning into Actions

Learning new leadership skills is one thing, and applying those skills is another. During the training, managers are provided with opportunities to practice their skills and see how effective they are in real-world situations.

In addition, deliberate practice is necessary to turn newly learned skills into habits. A good program is designed in a manner that managers get enough time to put their learnings into action.


When managers apply their new skills on employees, they backfire sometimes. It can be painful and embarrassing for a leader to see his efforts going in vain. However, it is also an opportunity to figure out what went wrong and how to make it work.

During leadership development training sessions, managers are given feedback by experienced experts to make adjustments to their existing skills to make them work. Through a learn-apply-reflect model, they learn how to bring their skills into actions for favourable results.

Now is the time.

As the work conditions are changing in the modern business world, organizations have to be more creative. To encourage leaders to manage their teams well, companies must invest in leadership development programs. These must be training sessions that meet your development goals, focus on leaders’ developments and track progress.

Highly skilled leaders not only help retain talented employees but also play a vital role in the survival and growth of an organization. Also, they encourage their teammates to be creative and productive at work. For an effective and expert-designed leadership development program, contact The Vision Strategies Group!

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